Christopher Wylie Parker

Chris Parker, son of Jerome H. and Joy (deceased) Parker,
passed away Nov. 9, 1995 unexpectedly.
He is survived by his father, Jerome H. Parker, Jr. (Fort Worth, Tx),
his sons Christopher Steven and Joseph Allen Parker (Overland Park, KS), his brother Jerome H. Parker IV (Fort Worth, Tx), and
his sisters Mary Helen Ruth (Austin, TX), Susy Goins (Everett, WA), and Lucy Watkins (Trenton, TX).

A private memorial service was held at
Thompson’s Harveson & Cole
Funeral Home in Fort Worth. 
The Interment service was held at Mount Olivet Cemetary.

Chris worked as an accountant in Fort Worth for several years along side his father.  He was a fixture at Granbury Lake spending hours
boating with his faithful friend, Dogie.

He will be missed by many.

Christopher Wylie Parker
Do you remember Chris' truck?  That piece of sh**!!  Legend has it, he bought it for $50.  The guy who sold it to him also included a couple cans of oil, gas can, and money for a phone call.  The engine burned up on his way home.  He and one of his friends would decide to change drivers while they were driving and the passenger would climb out of the cab, into the bed and around to the driver's side.  The driver would scootch over to the passenger seat.

I personally wouldn't know about anything like that ever happening!
A special thanks to Lucy Watkins and Mary Helen Ruth for the copy of the Obituary and the photo.  These are Chris's sisters.
That passenger was me, Gary Studdard.

The truck, a 1953 International Harvester, did not blow up on the way home.  Why, I can't imagine, but he and I drove it most of our senior year.

Just thought add this to the mix.

Gary Studdard

Lane Crabtree says

”I was looking thru the departed Panthers. Chris Parker and I hung out quite a bit in HS and drank lots of beers in his old truck and his dad's station wagon, along with Jimmy Shear. Chris had the nickname of "The General." We would hang out at Caro's on the circle and get there about 9pm, closing time, to drink very cold beer on tap provided courtesy of John Whitten. One of Caro's regular patrons had the nickname of The Colonel. Chris' nickname at that time was "The Colonel." Well, we couldn't have Chris being confused with another colonel so we elevated him in rank to "The General."”

Anyway, I wanted to add that, "more than once, Chris decided to take the shortcut from University Drive at the traffic circle to Grandbury Road STRAIGHT THRU THE CIRCLE!" hahaha. The city must have decided this was catching on and poured a concrete curb all the way around it. Chris was a great guy and I am sorry he is gone.

Lane Crabtree